well drilling

Don't Keep Paying an Expensive Water Bill

Take advantage of well drilling services in the High Point & Sophia, NC area

You don't have to rely on the community water supply. You can fill your home with natural, clean water straight from the ground thanks to our well drilling service. James Cress Jr Water Pump Co. and Well Drilling provides well drilling services in High Point & Sophia, NC and surrounding areas and can help you through the process.

Our process is simple:

  • First, we'll consult with your local government to see if your property can support a well and where it should be installed.
  • Then, we'll dig the hole using our specialized tools and equipment.
  • Finally, we'll install a well that provides your home with reliable water.

Contact us to arrange for well drilling services in the High Point & Sophia, North Carolina area.

Install a well that works for you

There are several different types of wells with unique advantages and disadvantages. If you're not sure what choice is best for your home, our contractor can help. We'll explain your options and help you choose a well that will give you the functionality you want.

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