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Make Sure Your Water is Safe to Drink

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Natural isn't always better. Water that comes straight from the ground can carry all kinds of contaminants, from bacteria to minerals. Even if it doesn't make you sick, it can have a poor taste and contribute to the wear and tear of your appliances. Don't hesitate to schedule a water filtration system installation to keep your water clean.

James Cress Jr Water Pump Co. and Well Drilling installs quality water filtration systems in High Point & Sophia, NC. We'll make sure you enjoy clean, clear water in your home. Our contractor will test your water and explain your options for making it safer.

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The benefits of water filtration

Clean water is important for obvious health reasons, but there are plenty of other benefits to water filtration systems. Consider installing a filtration system because...

  • Removing minerals will help reduce wear and tear on your pipes and appliances
  • Water softeners can help make your skin and hair smoother and softer
  • Cleaning your clothes with filtered water will reduce deposit buildup, helping them last longer

Not only will a water filtration system installation give you tastier, healthier water, it can also save you money in the long run. Get a free estimate on a filtration system by contacting us at 336-454-1043.